“After several years of working with personal trainers in commercial gyms, I was looking for someone a bit tougher.  Someone who would push me harder and not settle for excuses.  I had a wedding to get ready for and knowing that Amanda was used to the pressure and timelines for her fights, I decided to give it a go.  I was intimidated.  I had no idea what to expect.  She had some really big biceps at the time!

In the 8 months or so leading up to the big day, Amanda worked me hard and gave me training and nutritional tips for outside of the gym.  She encouraged me to keep going and kept our sessions fresh so I didn’t lose motivation.  It all paid off - I think I dropped about 6-7kg in that time and became incredibly toned. 

But that wasn’t the end.  Amanda and I continued to train together 2-3 times per week over the 5 years to follow, only stopping because I left the country.  Instead of getting bored of our sessions, as I did with previous trainers, we’d change up some of my goals.  Sometimes I wanted to be stronger, sometimes leaner, sometimes faster.  Amanda altered our workouts accordingly, always pushing me hard but with encouragement.  Although I didn’t always look forward to having a hard session, I’d always leave feeling that I accomplished something.

If you’re looking for someone to help you with your fitness goals, look no further than Amanda!  She’s by far the best trainer I’ve had the pleasure of working with and whenever I’m in London I try to schedule in a couple sessions with her. 

Try her out!  You won’t regret it!.”​

Danielle A. Start Up Coach

“Amazing and supportive trainer, pushes you while working at your pace.”​
Rosie M. Head of Department

“Amanda is personable and has a lot of integrity. Having worked with other personal trainers, I can say that Amanda is one of the best.”​
Jamie P. Financial Manager

“I have always wanted to try kickboxing or Muay Thai but was worried that I had gotten too 'old'. Amanda has patiently taught me Muay Thai techniques and pushed me physically to improve myself. I have much greater flexibility, improved fitness and have lost weight. I would recommend training with Amanda.”​
Marc A. Business Development Manager

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