Want to increase your health and fitness? Looking to increase your confidence and energy? Would you like to reduce your stress levels? Imagine having better fitness and energy to play football with the kids. Imagine feeling less stressed and more in control of your life. Amanda's sessions provide coaching to all levels and abilities, helping clients develop a champion mindset to achieve their goals. Sessions are designed around a Thai-boxing style system, perfect for toning up, increasing confidence and busting stress levels!



Amanda is a dedicated Personal Trainer with 9 years experience in helping clients to achieve their goals. After qualifying in Architecture and working for a number of years within the industry she decided to pursue her passion in martial arts and fitness competing and winning 2x World Titles in Muay Thai (kickboxing). Having always been shy and lacking confidence her experience allowed her to develop her confidence as she improved. She believes that martial arts is a fantastic tool for people to develop not only physically but mentally. She combines her experience in Thai boxing and as a Personal Trainer to develop exciting and effective workouts. Sessions combine punches, kicks, knees and elbows with body-weight, explosive and strengthening exercises to push you towards your goals.


Amanda holds sessions in two London locations, the first is a private, fully-equipped personal training studio 5 minutes walk from Kings Cross Station. The second a fully-equipped Muay Thai gym in Clapton. No membership or joining fees are required for either.



Personal training is the most effective way of getting the results you desire. Sessions with Amanda are designed with martial arts/boxing discipline at their core, also offering circuit training and strength+conditioning. No matter what your goals, improved fitness, weight loss, overall tone or stress relief, sessions are created to help you train like a champion and achieve your goals.

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Sometimes it isn't possible to get to a Personal Trainer for a number of reasons. Amanda has created and online coaching area where you can access

  • workouts

  • request a customised program

  • calculated your macros and calories

  • nutritional guidance

  • recipes

  • advice and support

  • community support and advice

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