Are you looking to improve your heath and fitness? Maybe you would like to reduce stress? Or increase your confidence?

Imagine feeling fitter. Having more energy for life outside of the 9-5. Maybe you want to feel more confident to wear whatever you like.


Amanda Kelly Personal Training is a unique and exclusive personal training service based in London. She is an ex-professional athlete and 2 x World Champion in Muay Thai (Kickboxing). Whatever your work/life balance, whether you are looking for 1-to-1 or online training, Amanda can provide exciting and effective workouts to help you positively transform your life.

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Online Coaching

Amanda is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with 9 years experience in helping clients to achieve their personal goals. She combines her knowledge as a Personal Trainer and 2x World Champion in Muay Thai (Kickboxing) to create effective and dynamic sessions.


Email: amanda@amandakellypt.com

Tel: 07792 602 884

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